Four H Club Co. Ltd.
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Four H Club Co. Ltd.

  • 59 Ushigase, Doudencho, Nishikyoku
    Kyoto Japan
  • 81-75-925-8508
From Japan, we offer our customers worldwide best cars at best prices. Throughout 17 years since I established my company, the basic concept has always been \"customers frst\". The domestic sales have amounted to over 10,000 vehicles. I have been engaged in automobile dealing for 28 years, and the environment of the Japanese automobile industry has dramatically changed. Now in Japan, most of the automobiles which are older than 15 years and/or their mileage is more than 150,000km are scrapped to recycle iron, plastic and other materials. Most of them are still good enough to drive, though. We consider it a big waste. We truly hope that we will continue trying to find as many of such good used cars as possible to order you at our best price, and also hope that those cars will be driven by you with joy and hope on beautiful roads in the African land, along the Caribbean Sea coast, in the South American land, and the rest of the other areas in the world. On the basis of our achievement and experience, we are further striving forward to expand our operations worldwide while focusing on \"Kaizen\", which means to upgrade, improve and better our service in order to give our customers more satisfaction. There is a Japanese saying \"Ichigo Ichie\" meaning to treasure every encounter with a person as a once-in-a-lifetime one. We cherish every encounter with a customer as our treasure, hoping that we will be able to have a long-term relationship with every customer by giving fine and delicate service. We are very honored if we could be helpful to your happiness and prosperity as well as your countrys development and prosperity. And we are more than happy to welcome you if you come over to Japan to visit us.
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