Yoshimura Co. Ltd.
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Yoshimura Co. Ltd.

  • 33-16, Nishisenkari, Ohayashi, Wakayanagi
    Kurihara 989-5506
    Miyagi Japan
  • 81-228-35-3530
Yoshimura Inc. is a resource and automobile recycling company. The resource recycling department has been improving its recycling skills since its inception, in 1963. Skills that have been acquired over many years have been expanded to include End of Life Vehicle recycling since 2004, in order to focus on the environmental preservation problem more strenuously. The Automobile Recycling department has developed to now purchase about 2,000 cars every month and to export many products, such as engines, half cuts, body parts and so forth to various countries. Furthermore, we are developing the used cars field to ride on the strength of our ability for gathering cars. R-100 for Earth R-100 means 100% recycling . We believe we have can have a waste-free Earth if we can recycle everything. That is our dream and R-100 for Earth represents it. By realising this dream, we can try to minimize damage to the environment.
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