Welcome! AS Japan Co., Ltd. is mainly specializing in a wide variety of luxurious custom cars. Since we are already gaining high evaluation from the customers in Japan, we have decided to expand the excellence of our cars all over the world. Our company swears to deliver clean and valuable cars to you.

We have currently 350 luxurious custom cars as well as standard cars. Fortunately, we have had the experience of receiving the second prize of the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon and getting interviewed on TV.
If you would like some particular custom cars. please do not hesitate to contact us! We will look for splendid cars necessary for you all.

On top of that, Our company has many excellent auto mechanics having a national certification. In that sense, We can deal with not only customizing but also inspecting and maintaining cars correctly.
It is our pleasure to make you happy with our cars. We look forward to working with you all over the world in the future!

★ We receive many inquiries from all over the country, and we can deliver to various regions.
★ We always have 80 to 100 units in stock.
 You will surely find the cheap vehicle or custom vehicle you want.
★ Over 1000 vehicles delivered outside the prefecture!
 We have received orders from many customers not only from within the prefecture but also from outside the prefecture.
 We will manufacture the car you want.
★ Equipped with our own maintenance factory! Please leave the vehicle inspection and maintenance to us.
 We will carefully and cheaply finish your car.
★ Purchasing and trade-in are being strengthened ☆ Expensive purchase MAX ☆ We will purchase your car that you have cherished and your car that is no longer on!

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