TCV Corporation

  • 3-4-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
    Tokyo 105-0001
    Tokyo Japan
  • +81-3-4570-4354

Trade Car View (TCV) assuming a major role in the Japanese car information service, Trade Car View investigated the effectiveness of the current car import-export process. And TCV discovered that the number of people trying to import Japanese cars is increasing continuously. Simultaneously, the number of used/new vehicles in Japan available for export increases gradually.

To address this deficiency, Trade Car View has established an internet system linking overseas automobile buyers and sellers in Japan. In the establishment of the system, TCV keenly evaluated overseas buyers' necessities of time, value & communication. The lack of a universal automobile information system has always limited both buyers' and sellers' capabilities.

Trade Car View's comprehensive online automobile information system is an electronic website platform to serve its customers. TCV striving to provide a better system through which their customers are able to obtain their automobile requirements satisfactorily. Trade Car View's goals are to bring a distribution revolution in the global automobile market and to universally link buyers and sellers, by creating an automobile information highway where global buyers and sellers will adequately acquire necessary automobile facts and information.

The benefits you can gain with Trade Car View Automobile Information Service:

Access Trade Car View dealer's vehicle Used car stock:

TCV has established networks with approximately 400 used car dealers in the Japanese domestic market. Through these networks, Trade Car View provides competitive information on Japanese used cars.

Access stock from Trade Car View domestic Companies (B2B stock):

TCV has a network of more than 2700 auto Companies in the Japanese domestic market. Normally domestic Companies sell their cars through auctions since they do not have export experience. Trade TCV Local Market Stock (LMS) platform allows Trade TCV export Companies to access stock from our domestic network of more than 2000 Companies prior to Auctions. LMS refers to stock from TCV domestic Companies that can be exported by Trade TCV export Companies.

Access used car export agents:

You no longer need to struggle to search for Japanese Used Car export Agents. Trade Car View provides it all. Through Trade Car View you will be able to access many export agents. By using TCV, there will always be an export agent(s) to address your business needs.

Negotiate online. Use TCV's personal negotiation platform (BBS):

Our aim is to make it easy for you to satisfy your business needs promptly and effectively. We have thus developed a personal bulletin board system (BBS) through which used car buyers and sellers can negotiate online privately. Personal electronic BBS helps consolidate, simplify and catalyze the buying process.

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