TCV Corporation

2021-02-19 9:05 AM
Trade Car View (TCV) assuming a major role in the Japanese used car information service, Trade Car View investigated the effectiveness of the current car import-export process. And TCV discovered that the number of people trying to import Japan... Read More

Finecs Co., Ltd.

2020-11-01 6:53 AM
This desire of the company is inscribed on the "Creativity/Harmony/Prosperity" monument at our Jojo Plant in Toyama City.We have continued to grow since launching production in 1965 as a manufacturer specializing in terminal pins for electronic... Read More

Top Jewelry Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 10:24 AM
 We are in Manufacturing of jewelry and trinkets, Integrated planning, design, production. Read More

Yaskawa Electric Corporation

2020-11-01 6:44 AM
YASKAWA Electric, since its establishment in 1915, has always supported the leading business of age by transforming itself from “YASKAWA as a motor manufacturer”, “YASKAWA as an automation company” to “YASKAWA as a mechatronics company”... Read More

Yushi-Seihin Co., Ltd.

2020-11-01 6:14 AM
Since established in 1947, we have been doing business as a chemical trading company, supplying raw materials such as oils and fats, fat chemical products, and petrochemical products to manufacturers. With good faith, integrity and high ethical... Read More

Takasago Electric, Inc.

2020-11-01 6:29 AM
Takasago Electric, Inc. is a specialist manufacturer of miniature chemically inert valves and pumps. Its head office is located in Japan, having a company history of over 50 years. In addition to its Chinese factory (100% owned subsidiary), we have... Read More

GS Yuasa Corporation

2020-11-01 6:04 AM
Our products, which are based on technology for efficiently charging and discharging energy, such as automobile batteries, industrial batteries, non-disruptive power supply systems, and high-performance batteries that contribute to deep sea research... Read More

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

2020-11-01 5:35 AM
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., established in 1923, operating under the brand name FE, is a electrical equipment company, manufacturing pressure transmitters, flowmeters, gas analyzers, controllers, inverters, pumps, generators, ICs, motors, and power... Read More

Dream Industry Co., Ltd.

2020-11-01 5:19 AM
The lifestyle of living with pets has become established, and there is a growing need for safe, secure, and comfortable living and space not only for people but also for pets. Up until now, Dream has been developing and improving new products that... Read More

Dr. Japan Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 11:50 AM
Everyday, our life is constantly supported by others even without us knowing it.We use products made by others, eat food made by others, and use services provided by others. There is always someone who supports us behind the scenes. So, it is with... Read More

Dan Takuma Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 11:32 AM
Dan Takuma Co., Ltd. has supplied a number of new products to the electronics and precision processing industries in the field of creating a clean environment. Recently, we have contributed to the construction of an ultra-clean space that eliminates... Read More

Cosmic Me Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 11:15 AM
Cosmic Me has been developing and manufacturing various medical devices since its establishment. In particular, we are good at developing electronic control units, which are the heart of electronic devices, and in particular, we have received high... Read More

Coper Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 11:00 AM
There may never be a time when "moral norms" are required as much as they are today.Since ancient times, the importance of "personality" has been advocated by all philosophers and thinkers.No matter how much human beings have only "intellectual... Read More

Contec Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 10:48 AM
As an electronic device manufacturer, Contec's management philosophy is to: develop creative technologies in the fields of industrial computers, measurement and control, and networks; use these technologies to provide products and solutions to... Read More

Comtex Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 10:30 AM
Our company is an import trading company that was requested to be founded in 1983 and mainly imports and sells overseas (Asia region centering on Taiwan) electronic parts. During many years of import and sales, there have been headwinds such as the... Read More

CML CO., Ltd.

2020-10-31 10:21 AM
CML started from the management of the beauty salon, which is the foundation, and this year marks the 23rd year. Through the beauty salon, we pursued beauty, analyzed various needs and issues in the field, and received evaluation from customers... Read More

Sirland Ine Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 10:12 AM
Based on the idea of ​​developing new products and creating value with innovative and creative thinking, we strive to impress our customers, improve their life work, and contribute to society. ◆ Strive to contribute to society, which is the... Read More

Carecom Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 10:01 AM
Carecom celebrated its 65th anniversary on October 1, 2020. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported us for many years. In 2020, the spread of the new coronavirus infection will significantly change the... Read More

Be Proud Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 9:25 AM
Be Proud exists for everyone involved to lead a prosperous life. A prosperous life is one in which you can afford to spend money, time, and health, share experiences with your family and friends, and share joy. Read More

Aison Co., Ltd

2020-10-31 8:46 AM
Aison Co., Ltd. will celebrate its 10th anniversary in February 2019.It started as an import and sales division of medical and health equipment as a division of a construction and sales company of housing equipment, and was founded separately in... Read More

Isol Aisol Co., Ltd., Inc.

2020-10-31 8:38 AM
Today, the changing environment surrounding the healthcare industry is becoming more and more complex in its speed and complexity. It is also true that it is difficult to solve problems in response to such changes in the environment with a... Read More

Advan Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 8:21 AM
We, Advan, were able to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our founding in August 2018, thanks to our customers who trust us. What We have been trying to do since the company was founded is to "become an advisor, not a request." In addition to... Read More

AAA Corporation

2020-10-31 8:09 AM
Established in Kobe. Initially, its main business is to export electrical products overseas, but in response to the strong yen, it will enter the import business of sports equipment, photography equipment and electrical products for the domestic... Read More

A&m Co., Ltd.

2020-10-31 7:59 AM
Our company started as Panasonic's Yonago factory in Tottori prefecture, and has been producing small precision motors . After that, we became independent from 2004 and are developing and selling products centered on actuator technology with... Read More

YT Jemco Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 8:12 AM
YT Gemco Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler of high quality and low price freshwater pearl accessories. We are particularabout quality, moderate trendiness, seasonality, and comfortable accessories.   Read More

Yoshiyoshi Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 8:02 AM
We deliver jewelry that makes the best use of excellent designs and technologies in Japan and overseas.We propose new values ​​that are not bound by preconceived ideas, such as original cuts of gems and jewelry using different materials. We... Read More

Jewelry Yoshin-Yoshikin Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 7:55 AM
Jewelery that is always with you can heal yourself, bald , and be happy with you. Sometimes it wraps around your loved one. We  want to convey the "heart" of jewels. We promise peace of mind and trust to make you smile the best. Read More

Yoshidia Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 7:44 AM
 We are in manufacturing and wholesale of jewelry, precious metals and accessories. All businesses incidental to or related to the items before import, manufacture and wholesale of watches. Read More

Visage Japan Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 7:27 AM
Since our founding, Visage Japan Co., Ltd. aims to be a company that "pleases" everyone with sincerity, All are treasures that we love and can deliver "joy". "Make the present shine" Wear your favorite jewelry and add color to your everyday life... Read More

Virgin-Diamond Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 7:17 AM
Russian virgin diamond specialty store. Sale of diamond products, diamond loose, engagement rings, marriage ring proposal support products. Read More

Udo Pearl Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 7:08 AM
Since we founded our company in 1968 we have specialized on pearl wholesaling business. Our corporate philosophy is to love pearls and convey the charm of pearls to as many people as possible. Pearls have individuality, each and every one of them,... Read More

Urai Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 6:57 AM
Urai Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in kimono, jewelry and fashion, based in Kyoto and Tokyo.Through fashion, we are totally producing the realization of "beauty" that our customers want. Our mission is to create and convey a culture of... Read More

Trecente Co., Ltd. Ginza main store

2020-10-30 6:29 AM
Trecente was born in Ginza in 1989. Since then, we have continued to focus on "originality," "quality," and "hospitality."To two people who are full of hope, the ring of Trecente who keeps sticking to it. Released the new wedding ring... Read More

Trecente Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 6:19 AM
Trecente was born in Ginza in 1989. Since then, we have continued to focus on "originality," "quality," and "hospitality."To two people who are full of hope, the ring of Trecente who keeps sticking to it. Released the new wedding ring. In... Read More

Toyo Clock Co., Ltd.

2020-10-30 6:09 AM
Since our founding in 1931 Mainly for watches and precious metal jewelry.We have introduced the world's leading products to everyone.  With the times Social, economic and lifestyle changes, Market needs and trends have changed significantly, and... Read More

Tokyu Time Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 10:11 AM
Tokyu Time Co., Ltd. has stores in department stores and sells luxury watches and luxury jewelry from around the world. In addition, we have a permanent watch maintenance room with first-class watch repair technicians, and we have a system in place... Read More

Tokyo Diamond Dealers Club Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 10:05 AM
At our shop, we have taken measures to avoid the Three Cs and prevent droplet infection, which was shown as a new lifestyle. While observing the situation, we have taken measures such as regular ventilation and restrictions on the number of people,... Read More


2020-10-29 9:53 AM
We are dealing in watch manufacturing, Jewelry / precious metal and wholesale business. Read More

Tanaka Pearl Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 9:37 AM
We handle beautiful pearls and high quality pearls for many years. Expand the range of products we handle from Akoya pearls to white butterfly pearls and black butterfly pearls, and build trust with suppliers and wholesalers, mainly in domestic... Read More

Tamaria Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 9:29 AM
Founded 150 years! It is a long-established store that inherits tradition from the Edo period!◆ Origin of the shop name "Tameya"  Read "Tamariya". Unfortunately, there are no documents left due to repeated pawnbroker turmoil, earthquakes, and... Read More

Takizawa Jewelery Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 9:21 AM
Founded in 1910 as a jewelry planning, manufacturing and sales.In Osaka, we mainly sell at department store tenants, jewelry stores, and our own stores. In addition, as the Foreign Trade Department, we hold events and exhibitions all over Japan from... Read More

Takarado Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 9:12 AM
Since our founding in 1930, we have always been ahead of the curve and have been proposing dreams that will please our customers throughout their lives. Our Takarado staff will provide you with the best service to create a gorgeous, warm and... Read More

Suzuki Jewelery Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 8:32 AM
Suzuki jewelry Co., Ltd. is always Since its inception, "safety", "peace of mind" that "trust" 3 planning a jewelry that is pleasing on the basis of one of the themes, manufactured, we have been striving to operating activities. Jewelery is not just... Read More

Sunrise International Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 8:19 AM
Sunrise International Co., Ltd. makes various information and cultural proposals so that you can know the joy of wearing jewelry, and strives to be useful to everyone. In addition, we also provide consultants and employee education to think about... Read More

Studio N Salon

2020-10-29 8:06 AM
Studio N has worked with skilled craftsmen on various brands of jewelery with solid technology and strict eyes. Studio N takes pride in doing careful handicrafts that will please the customers who purchase it. However, we cannot see the moment when... Read More

Shippo Headquarters Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 7:55 AM
In June 1953, the former president, Shoshiro Okamoto, became active in trade and opened in Motomachi, a port city of Kobe.After that, after the second president Osamu Okamoto, the current president Shuichi Okamoto was appointed in 1999.The new... Read More

Shinkawa Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 7:47 AM
The Shinkawa Group has made a leap to the top class in the industry with the retail sales of precious metals such as jewelry, watch imports, and miscellaneous goods, and the sales and management content of the prefecture for 50 years as a wholesaler... Read More

Shinei Shokai Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 7:39 AM
Shinei Shokai continues to have the desire to "think about what is changing", constantly make decisions and innovate, and open the door to new businesses in the distribution industry. We will demonstrate our uniqueness in the industry by refining... Read More

Shinkoki Inc.

2020-10-29 7:27 AM
The beauty of jewelery is made up of those elements that make up the shank prong setting design.At SHINCOKI, those elements are perfectly finished to complete beautiful jewelry. From a large number of gemstones, carefully select only those that are... Read More

Shimada Shoji Co., Ltd.

2020-10-29 6:52 AM
A general wholesaler of natural stones, bare stones, loose stones, jewelry, accessories, watches, bracelets, beads and miscellaneous goods. ◆ Selling products at the lowest prices in Japan.First of all, we will compete thoroughly with the price.... Read More
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